Reunion of Company E. 1899

Reunion of Co E.

The Mirror-Gazette, June 24, 1899, pg. 1, col. 3

Co. E., 12th Wis. Inft. Held their reunion here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week, it being the first time since they left here in 1861. Over 35 of the Co. were registered. The following from abroad were present: C. K. Richardson, Spencer; H. Rood, Shawano: G. G. Swain, Winona; J. G. Ingalls, A. J. Sexton, Chicago; Capt. A. Kinney, Brookings, S. D. ; M. Griffen, Eau Claire, besides a large number form other place and other organizations. All enjoyed their visit to Delton.

The Mirror-Gazette, June 24, 1899, pg. 7, col. 2

One of the most pleasant reunions in the history of that organization closed at Delton yesterday. About 35 survivors of the company were present, many of them accompanied by wives and families. For three days these old veterans talked over their marches and battles, often with tear-dimmed eyes and sobs in their throats at the name of some comrade who sleeps in a grave where he fell in battle. The old village of Dalton was a fitting place for this reunion. A quiet, lovely spot on a pretty stream in the woods, removed from evidences of the changing years, even the same houses in which they were quartered nearly forty years ago being the same. While organizing and drilling the company was stationed in Delton, and as they marched along the same streets this week, over the same ground between the identical buildings. It seemed like being back forty years after a wild, tumultuous dream. Since the day they marched out of Delton to the, South boys have become men gray and bald. Some of them have risen from obscurity to positions of-notable success - one of those present, Hon. M. Griffin, having served in congress and in duties that brought his name conspicuously and honorably before, the nation. All are honored, respected and worthy citizens, most of them well-to-do. It was a significant gathering, a notable instance of the possibilities of American citizenship.

The Mirror-Gazette, July 1, 1899, pg. 7, col. 2

Appreciative Veterans
The members of Co. E, 12th Wis. Adopted the following resolutions at their reunion in Delton:

WHEREAS: Our Company E have just enjoyed in this quiet little home-like village of Delton, the place of our organization and rendezvous thirty-eight years ago, another of our happy joyous reunions which seems to us now the very best of all, and

WHEREAS: The good people of Delton and its vicinity have made such thoughtful and complete preparations for our coming and sojourn with them, as have caused us to feel - thoroughly comfortable and at home with them during the past three days, and have thus made our reunion a most happy success, therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the hearty thanks of every member of our association are due, and are hereby extended to the good people of this community for their hearty, cheerful welcome, for their open handed and generous hospitality, and their courteous treatment they have united in extending us in every way possible since we have been with them.

RESOLVED further that our thanks be extended to our comrades, the member of Co. E of our regiment and to other comrades which have united with us in this reunion have helped to make it pleasant in every detail.

RESOLVED, That under our renewed and larger organization with our wives and children as members with us we go to our various homes with a reconsecrated loyalty to, and love for Co. E and every principle which we here thirty-eight years ago enlisted to defend and that we here pledge ourselves to teach in our daily lives, both by precept and example, that love of home and country what is the only, true basis of all practical patriotism.

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Delton, Wis. 1899
Reunion of Company E, 12th Wisconsin Volunteers.
Photo by H. H. Bennett.
H. H. Bennett appears standing, second row, extreme right end.
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