Sergeant Adelbert V Stevens, Company K.

ADELBERT V STEVENS (ALONZO 7, THOMAS 6, EPHRIAM 5, JOESPH 4, JOESPH 3, JOHN 2, HENRY 1) was born 08 November 1839 in Winthrop Maine, and died 20 April 1919 in Ohceyedan, Iowa. He married NANCY JANE SPRY 28 March 1868 in Richland Center, Wisconsin4.

Adelbert V Stevens served in the 12th Wisconsin Infantry Company K and was promoted to Sergeant during the civil war. He fought with his regiment in the battle of Vicksburg, the Battle of Atlanta and participated in Shermans March to the sea, as well as several other engagements. After the war he moved to Ocheyedan, Iowa.

Children of Adelbert Stevens and Nancy Spry are:

i. ALICE B9 STEVENS, b. 21 November 1869, Richland Center, Wisconsin.
ii. FRANK L STEVENS, b. 20 July 1870, Richland Center, Wisconsin.


Privates Adelbert and Gustavus Stevens, Company K.

        Adelbert and Joshua Stevens were the 1st and 2nd children of Alonzo and Mary Judkins Stevens. They were born on November 8th 1839 and November 18, 1842 in Phillips, Franklin Co, Maine respectively. Their family had a long history in America. Their Great Grandfather, Ephraim Stevens served in the Revolutionary war, seeing action at Bunker Hill and rising to the rank of Lieutenant. In the late 1840's Alonzo and Mary Stevens took their family to southwestern Wisconsin. They settled as farmers and eventually had ten children. When the civil war broke out 4 of their children would serve.
        When the civil war broke out Adelbert and his 1st cousin Gustavus Stevens joined the 12th Wisconsin Infantry, Company K. Adelbert served in the 12th from 1861 to 1865 rising to the rank of Sergeant. After the war he married and had two children, but in 1871 his young wife died quite suddenly. Around 1880 he moved to Ocheyedan, Osceola Co, Iowa living as a farmer. Adelbert V Stevens died April 20th, 1919 in Ocheyedan, Iowa.
        In December of 1861 Joshua joined his brothers unit the 12th, Wisconsin Infantry Co K, but was discharged 4 months later due to illness in April of 1862. In October of 1863 Joshua joined the 30th Wisconsin Infantry, Company A. With the 30th he saw service in northern Wisconsin and in South Dakota. He was discharge in 1865 due to the wars end. After the war he married and had one child. He moved to Ocheyedan, Iowa in the late 1870's but returned to Richland Co, Wisconsin and died on May 4, 1882. He is buried in the Richland Center Cemetery, in Richland County, Wisconsin. To the best of my knowledge he had only one child, which died young.
        Gustavus A Stevens was the oldest child of Lorenzo and Eliza Sylvester Stevens. He was born in Phillips, Franklin Co, Maine on April 9th, 1843. Lorenzo Stevens along with his brother Alonzo Stevens moved to southwestern Wisconsin in the late 1840's to live as farmers. When the civil war broke out, Gustavus and his 1st Cousin Adelbert Stevens both joined the 12th Wisconsin Infantry, Company K. Adelbert served until September of 1863 when he was arrested for robbery. He was court-martialed and sentenced to 10 months in prison. He died of disease on August 19th, 1864 and was buried near Vicksburg, Mississippi. Gustavus was not married and had no children. Gustavus parents had another child in February of 1865 six months after his death. They named him after his late brother, Gustavus Stevens. The latter Gustavus Stevens lived until 1942.

Edward Stevens' Letters.

Information by: Craig Albrechtson